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Katarina Witt's biography

Katarina Witt was born on the third of December 1965 in Staaken, East Germany. She currently lives in Berlin. Always looking for new challenges, she is continually taking on new directions in her work, adding to her experience thus far as figure skater, producer, tv- host, actress and author. Beside that she gives motivational speeches at company events.

Her Figure Skating Career and Victories 2-4-6-8 

Katarina Witt's biography and her career as a figure skater are incomparable and unique. Besides two Olympic victories, she became the World Champion four times, the European Champion six times, and the National Champion eight times. Following the 1988 World Championships, her successful amateur career came to a close. Together with Brian Boitano, American World Champion and Olympic Gold Medallist at Calgary, she toured for three years as the headliner in her own show in the USA and Canada. The Show "Witt and Boitano Skating" was so successful, that Madison Square Garden in New York was sold out for the first time in its history. In 1993-94 she returned once more to the limelight of amateur sports competitions, to participate as an athlete in the 1994 Olympic Games in Lillehammer for the third time. Afterwards, she toured America and Canada for 10 years as a guest star in the American figure-skating shows "Stars on Ice" and "Champions on Ice", while also participating in countless professional international competitions. She is the creative mind behind many international ice-show productions, which she writes, creates, performs in and co-produces. Katarina Witt has toured the world many times, presenting figure-skating fans everywhere with her unique combination of athletic and creative skill.  

Professional Life and Social Engagement 

Katarina Witt founded the production agency WITH WITT Sports & Entertainment GmbH in 1995. This enterprise has set new standards in the market of figure skating productions ever since. WITH WITT Sports & Entertainment produces and co-produces ice shows such as "Divas on Ice", "Enjoy the Stars" and "Winter Magic" as live events for German and American TV. She has worked as a figure skating expert during world championships and Olympic Games for American and German TV channels, like NBC, CBS, ABC, ZDF and ARD, since 1991. She also has hosted various programs on RTL, Pro7 and ARD. She made her acting debut on stage in 2009 with her role as Amour in the play "Everyman" in the Berlin Cathedral. She has written her biography, given tips and motivation for a healthy lifestyle in a fitness book, and packed her years of experience as a young athlete into a book combining fiction and reality, based on her own life story. Aside from her enterprising and creative undertakings, Katarina Witt is also involved with charitable activities. She formed the Katarina Witt Foundation in 2005 in order to provide aid for children and teens with disabilities. More than 200 projects were supported since than.

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