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Katarina Witt as a Business Woman

That which Katarina Witt considers to be a figure skating show, did not exist in the worldwide market. That's why she founded the production company, WITH WITT Sports & Entertainment GmbH  in 1995 to introduce her own ideas and standards.  

With Witt Sports & Entertainment GmbH

Since the time her company was founded, not least because figure skater Katarina Witt's years of experience and creative ideas, it has been successfully active in the sports and entertainment industry. The company develops and produces international TV specials, live events and ice shows, broadcasting , among other things, the TV film, "The Ice Princess", the US TV specials "Divas on Ice" and "Katarina & Friends", "Enjoy the Stars" for ARD, and "Stars on Ice" for Pro7.
As creative force and producer, the two of them have set new standards of quality in the sport and entertainment industry, for the choreography, technology and overall look of international ice shows. Olympic figure skating champions and world champions, such as Brian Boitano, Brian Orser, Alexander Yagudin, Oksana Bajul, Kristi Yamaguchi, Tara Lipinski and Yuka Sato are very much obliged to perform in these shows. As a new aspect of the ice shows, champions of a different genre are also presented, such as Diana Krall, Gloria Gaynor, Renee Fleming or Roger Cicero.
WITH WITT Sports & Entertainment GmbH, in cooperation with Werner Kimmig TV, also produced two seasons of "Stars on Ice" , commissioned by Pro7, with competence and creativity. The highpoint of Katarina Witt's farewell tour in 2008, produced by WITH WITT Sports & Entertainment GmbH  was the TV special, "Goodbye, Katarina Witt - A World Star Leaves the Ice", for which the company was executive producer.


Through all her activities, Katarina Witt remains charming and professional. Be it her partners BMW and EA SPORTS, or as a completely eloquent and pre-destined expert for ARD at figure skating competitions.  

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