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Most people know Katarina Witt as a successful figure skater, and wholeheartedly so. Beside her sports career she has dedicated the same amount of energy and passion to the charity sector. Katarina is thankful that she has been healthy throughout the years during which she celebrated her athletic success and it is her wish to offer some of her good fortune, above all, to children, who do not live on the sunnier side of life.

The Katarina Witt Foundation

In 2005, Katarina Witt initiated the establishment of the Katarina Witt Foundation and has been the chairwoman of the board of trustees since. With her foundation Katarina aspires to help, encourage and lend support to children with disabilities. She believes that mobility and autonomy contribute significantly to living a happy life. In the last ten years the foundation has been able to sponsor almost 200 national and international projects. The Katarina Witt Foundation is as well involved in projects for medical assistance and disaster relief. Therefore, through its work, the foundation has been able to assist a countless amount of children and young people in improving their life quality.

Social Commitment

Besides her work for the foundation, Katarina Witt volunteers for other projects such as the 2015 Deutsche Welle initiative "We are Germany”, a campaign promoting tolerance and cultural diversity. Katarina is also very much involved in environmental protection Since early 2015 Katarina Witt is an environmental ambassador for the Blue Angel.

Since 1999 Katarina Witt has been a founding member and an academy member of the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation, which helps and supports disadvantaged children around the world through sports projects.

Moreover Katarina Witt regularly attends charity and fundraising gala events putting forth her popularity to generate further charity projects.

  • Kata­ri­na Witt Foun­da­tion

    With many projects in Germany but also throughout the world, the Katarina Witt Foundation supports the mobility of children and adolescents who live with a physical disability. » weiter

  • Social Commitment

    Alongside the Katarina Witt Foundation, I have been committed since 1999 to the "Laureus- Sport for Good Foundation" of which i am a founding member. By now there are more than 60... » weiter

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