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Kisses on Ice


Television Special on CBS, Las Vegas NV USA - presented by MetabolifeSubject Matter: The romantic show combines figure skating with poetry and live performances by famous musicians. The magical effect of the words of artists like Pablo Neruda, Plato and Shakespeare, combined with the beauty and discipline of figure skating should lead the audience to reflect on their fondest memories of love and happiness. Katarina's solo performance to the breathtaking interpretation of “The Case Continues…” by Ute Lemper, was one of the most intese moments of her entire professional career.With: Katarina Witt, Viktor Petrenko, Alexei Urmanov, Surya Bonaly, Brain Orser, Mandy Wötzel & Ingo Steuer, Maya Usova & Evgeny, Liz & Jerod, Scott Williams, Nicole Bobek

Live Musical Performances by: Ute Lemper, Jesse Cook  

Copyright Katarina Witt