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Katarina Witts Show Productions

The experiences that Katarina Witt had on her numerous tours as a figure skater, the unforgettable time she spent as a guest star in various ice shows like "Stars on Ice" and on TV specials such as "Canvas on Ice" or "Night Moves" culminated into her own ideas on the ice. With her productions, she offered her audience a whole new stage for this lively, elegant and sometimes frenzied sport. She demonstrated how imaginatively the ice could be brought to life - how live music from great musicians and impressive lighting techniques can generate a new dimension. Additionally she provided many of her ice skating colleagues with the perfect arena in which to perform.
This is how many modern creations came about, which she and her creative team of many years, including Lea Ann Miller, Uwe Kästner, Renee Roca and Clint Lutes put into motion.

  • My Farewell Tour

    2008 For Katarina's friends and fans, the program of her farewell tour would bring back memories of emotional moments during her unique skating career, and joyfully celebrate her... » weiter

  • Winter Magic

    2005 With this show, Katarina fulfilled her long-time wish to produce a Christmas gala. As with all of her projects, the Christmas theme is also presented in an extraordinary... » weiter

  • Enjoy the Stars

    2004 Accompanied by a round of the most diverse music, from classical to pop, world class figure skating stars demonstrated everything possible on the ice. It was Katarina's... » weiter

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