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14th Games of the Small States in Vaduz - Liechtenstein


Well, Classic Rally adventure was yesterday. Today I continue my journey to Munich 2018 :-)

It is amazing how many opportunities the international sports calendar offers for athletes all over the world to compete. One is the LieGames 2011 which brings together athletes of so called Small States. Under the motto "be part of it" this year Andorra, Malta, Montenegro and Cyprus take part among others. The opening ceremony is a colorful and happy celebration around the theme of 'circus' and it is nice to see that it is possible to create an amazing atmosphere with little effort.

IOC President Jacques Rogge, EOC President Patrick Hickey as well as Albert, Prince of Monaco, attend the 14th Games of the Small States. This shows the high regard they hold in the host of this event Liechtenstein and the Games as well. Of course I use the opportunity to talk to many important representatives of the sports world and also don't forget to wish Prince Albert all the best for his upcoming wedding ;-)

Johannes Wohlwend, Secretary General of the NOC Liechtenstein is a formidable host and Walther Tröger, honorary IOC member, an irreplaceable companion on our journey to Munich 2018 :-) (photo 1)

Naturally there has to be a snap shot with the eagle mascots Elfi and Alfi. I am also joined by her Highness Nora von Liechentstein (3rd from the left) as well as LOSV President Leo Kranz, Walther Tröger and Johannes Wohlwend (photo 2) 

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