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What a day! Very early I leave to go to Dresden where I present the street prizes as the lucky fairy of DPL. Afterwards I made my way to the Terra Nova campus and in the evening I attend the Chemmy, an event at which the active athletes from Chemnitz take central stage.

The great world-class professional athletes Jens Carlowitz, Thomas Schönlebe and Michael Hübner are the organisational trio of this special event for the 20th time now. Barbara Ludwig, mayor of the city and a sport aficionado, got it straight to the point when she declared: "Chemnitz has the most beautiful, most sensual and most entertaining award ceremony for athletes in Germany". And I can only agree. It makes a difference when athletes celebrate their fellow athletes.

I am invited as an honorary guest and all the donations collected during the course of the evening will be handed over to the Katarina Witt Foundation so that we can support more projects for children with physical disabilities.

Yes, what a day! This is what I call efficient. Way past midnight I am back in Berlin :-)

photo 1 At the Sport-Chemmy

photo 2 Of course, seeing my unforgettable coach Jutta Müller again and spending a few hours together with her is one of the highlights of the evening :-)

photo 3 Naturally this great dress has to be shown in its full glory :-)

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