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3. International Presentation in Belgrad / Serbien


Following Mexico and China, our last international presentation this year is held in Belgrade during the 39th General Assembly of the EOC (European Olympic Committees). This time each of the three candidates is allowed to present once more the merits of their application for 15 minutes.

On stage Dr. Thomas Bach, Lord Mayor Christian Ude, Bernhard Schwank, Claudia Bokel and myself are jointly presenting our application. Naturally we attempt to use the home advantage before the EOC and urge them to help to ensure that major sporting events will continue to be hosted on European soil. With our application we have the prospect to foster the roots of winter sports, to motivate young talents and promote their development.

At the same time the celebrations in honor of the 100-year Serbian Olympic history are taking place here in Belgrade. And my personal Olympic history has a part in it. Many people still remember my first Olympic victory in 1984 in Sarajevo and they give me a little bit the feeling to be at home.

Gladly I answer the countless interview requests from the TV and the press and of course seize the opportunity to promote Munich 2018. I also emphasize that we can be proud of the tradition and success of the Olympic Winter sports in Europe.

On the photo one can see Claudia Bokel, Lord Munich Mayor Christian Ude and Bernhard Schwank next to myself just before our presentation. In the row behind us sits the Korean delegation and further back the French delegation. The seating arrangement is based on the order of presentation and will remain unchanged. Therefore, we will also be the first to present our application on the final day of the application process on July 6th 2011 in Durban.



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