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4th Classic Rally Hamburg - Berlin


In my constant "Munich 2018 Fever" I sometimes get the feeling that I miss out on all the rest. At the moment I simply have no time for parties, family events, theatre, exhibitions, movies or a relaxed conversation with friends.

But today I have the opportunity to combine the pleasant with the useful. I take part in one leg of the 4th Classic Rally from Hamburg to Berlin. I join the rally in Dölln and together with BMW pilot Ulrich Knieps we race through the beautiful countryside of Brandenburg. When I realize that we are not far from the little country cottage of my parents I navigate us there spontaneously for fresh cake and coffee. It is a nice surprise for mum and dad when we show up at the gate with a BMW 328 Mille Miglia Roadster. After the short break we continue our journey accompanied by many waving fans who admire the roaring engine of our cool vintage car.

During the reception in the evening a podium for the victory ceremony is built and I think to myself: "Wait a minute, something's wrong here. A podium and I'm not standing on it?" My competitive instinct is triggered and together with Uli we make plans to take part in the full rally next year with a proper preparation on my side and of course without a coffee break :-)

Copyright Katarina Witt