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68. Bambi Award Ceremony in Berlin


In 1988 I was awarded a golden "Bambi", then a couple of years ago I teamed up with sports reporter Tom Bartels to moderate the evening, last year I gave the eulogy for the incredible triathlete, olympian and ironman Jan Frodeno. Today for a change I enjoyed the evening free of any duties.

The ceremony was not only glamorous, glittery and funny but also offered many opportunities to reflect and think about compassion, hope, and the future of our world.

Photo 1: Once upon a time there were 3 bambis :-) ... together with the wonderful and warm-hearted actress Hannah Herzsprung.

Photo 2: Between the two "top dogs" and popular actors Matthias Schweighöfer and Florian David Fitz.

Photo 3: It was a particular emotional moment when the two sisters Yusra and Sarah were honoured as "Silent Heroes" and received a standing ovation. A year ago, they escaped from Syria - first to Istanbul and then across the Mediterranean to Greece. Before reaching the island of Lesbos, the engine of their completely overloaded boat failed and the boat started to fill up with water. Both sisters who are professional swimmers jumped into the sea and together with some other passengers swam for three and a half hours to bring the boat and their passengers safely to land.

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