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7th Classic Rally Hamburg - Berlin


During the Classic Rally 181 teams drive 740 kilometres spread over 6 legs over 3 days. This thrilling journey is spiced up with 22 special stages including some secret surprise trials, testing our abilities to anticipate, think and react quickly. One was so so super secret that only 10 participants took it (unfortunately we also whooshed past it). Our 1937 black BMW 328 with its 80 hp brought Uli Knieps (photo 1) - manager of the BMW Classic - and I safely to the finishing line in Berlin.

Believe it or not but we actually won in the category 1 - model up to 1939 (the car - not us!) and we arrived second in the overall rankings of 181 teams! That's SILVER for us! And my navigating role was just as important as the driving part :-). Who would have thought that after all my medals in figure skating I would add two trophies in "old-timer" car racing to my collection?

Uli and I were enjoying the podium so much that everyone thought we were the actual winners. But we are very proud of ourselves indeed and had a lot of fun during the rally although it was also sometimes quite hard work. A big thank you to our fantastic BMW team, a little guardian angel that supported us and looked tirelessly after us.

Photo 2: Of course I cannot resist to pose as driver of this beautiful car :-)

Photo 3: At one of the rally's stopovers I have the privilege to meet a great pioneer of our time. Dr. Sigmund Jähn was the first German cosmonaut to fly into space in 1978.



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