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9th Hamburg-Berlin-Classic-Rally


I have been looking forward to this year's rally for quite some time now. Meanwhile It is already my 4th time as brand ambassador for BMW and co-pilot of Ulrich Knieps, the head of the BMW Group Classic. With perfect weather we drive in 3 days from Hamburg through 5 federal states and the beautiful Lake District of Mecklenburg to Berlin.

We win the 3rd special stage in Zarrentin and find ourselves in an incredible 3rd place after the 1st and 2nd day. At the end we are very pleased about a 7th place in the overall standings. In category 1, built until 1939, we even end up in the 1st place. Of course 'built until' refers to the year the cars are built ;-), and our dream car is the BMW 238, built 1937.

Photo 1: (photo - Günter Schmied)

Photo 2: Ulrich Knieps and I are eagerly anticipating the next 3 days and nearly 1.000 km (photo - Günter Schmied)

Photo 3: Our trophies from Zarrentin

Photo 4: Together with Ulrich Knieps and fellow contender Prince Poldi of Bavaria we are studying the roadbook





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