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Asian Beach Games in Muscat / Oman


Please don't get envious looking at the photo. I know that back home in Germany Winter is "raging" and here it is beach time!

At the moment the 2. Asian Beach Games are taking place here in Oman and it is exactly like it is advertised: beach, sun, ocean and a lot of fun. With pride and warm hospitality the people in Oman are celebrating its slogan "Together We Shine!".

I am impressed by the developments in Asia as well as by the willingness to respond to the the challenges of major sports events. I am visiting this exotic country for the first time and I am taken with the kindness of its people and curious about its history and traditions. During my stay I have the opportunity to attend the opening ceremony, talk with members of the Olympic family and even explore Muscat and its surroundings a little bit. I am enjoying a lot being in one place for 4 days and I know that this won't be my last visit in Oman :-)


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