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Blue Angel


When the Ministry of the Environment asked me if I would like to join this year's campaign, I immediately accepted and was appointed "Blue Angel" together with the actors Hannelore Elsner and Oliver Mommsen.

For years, I have been slightly annoying my friends and relatives with my constant nagging on strictly selected waste collection, light and energy saving strategies and my lectures on packaging reduction. I do of course drive a car, travel frequently by plane and use many commodities that the modern life offers. However, I always try to respect our beautiful planet, to care for mother Nature as much a possible and to be an advocate of handling our valuable resources with caution.

The Blue Angel environmental label organised by the federal government of Germany for the protection of people and the environment. It sets very exacting standards, is independent and has proven itself over more than 35 years as a guide for selecting environmentally-friendly products.


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