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Charity Gala of the Postcode Lottery in Amsterdam


This week starts with an unforgettable evening in Amsterdam. The National Postcode Lottery organises its annual "GOED MONEY GALA" at the Royal Theater in Amsterdam. This postcode lottery was founded by Boudewijn Poelmann in the Netherlands in 1989, and everyone, I really think literally everyone in Holland knows, plays and loves this social lottery. On this evening, numerous organisations and foundations are provided with large checks, which are to be used exclusively for social purposes.

In Holland, about 50% of the revenue is distributed annually to social projects. In 2016 the incredible sum of over 341 million Euros came together. Many of the checks are distributed live on stage this evening and the related projects are introduced. One of the main speakers is the TV producer and cameraman John D. Liu, who brought us his film documentation on the Loess Plateau Watershed Rehabilitation Project in the north-west of China. The surprise of the evening is the speech of the 42nd President of the USA, Bill Clinton. He also speaks about the devastating climate change with a passionate appeal to protect our nature!

This evening impressed me deeply and clearly showed me how many people there are who selflessly work to help others and show responsibility to protect our planet. In Germany the postcode lottery is available for half a year now and as a national ambassador, I will give my very best to motivate even more people to buy their lottery tickets from the DPL :-)

The motto of the DPL is: "WIN TOGETHER, HELP TOGETHER" and maybe in the future we will experience such an emotional and impressive evening also here in Germany and make many people happy.




Copyright Katarina Witt