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Charity Walk in Munich



This picture is taken at the welcoming reception after the walk in munich where I almost passed Anja and Regina without recognizing them. Until not long ago I only knew the both of them from the internet and with their sports outfits. Then in the beginning of May I met the two girls for the first time in Hamburg where I joined them for a little part of their 1000 kilometer charity walk from Sylt to Tegernsee. Today I almost don't recognize those two beautiful women in their dirndl costumes. During the last month I, hopefully together with many fans, followed the diary of Anja and Regina on their website and on facebook. Since I have seen them only in their walking outfits I just had to make a picture with them.

Today in Munich I walk a little bit with Anja and Regina again. I am relieved that both of them have coped with the almost 1000 kilometers very well and I am happy to find them in good health and still cheerful. As we walk through the Olympic park they tell me about their eventful time that has passed by in a flash. They also tell me how much they are looking forward to be back home in three days. Anja and Regina met a lot of interesting people on their journey and were often able to talk about their cause to support the Katarina-Witt-Foundation.

At the cordial reception in the BMW-World, generously supported by BMW, I was able to meet Anja's and Regina's families and together we finished the evening in a relaxed manner. 


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