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Cover story in the Zeit Magazine


2014 was a historical year for Berlin and Germany. It commemorated the 25th anniversary of the most significant event in recent German history: the Fall of the Berlin Wall on the 9th of November in 1989. As anticipated, requests from all types of media - newspapers, magazines, radio and tv - poured in asking me to reminisce about this unforgettable event. And, like in the years before, I refused looking back into the past.

But this year I decided to make an exception and granted an interview to the prestigious ZEIT (Time) Magazine. I tried to give a summary of 25 years East Germany and 25 years one Germany and answer the questions of the two journalists Annabel Wahba and Christine Meffert straightforwardly. The photos were taken by Markus Jans at the Ballhaus Ost in the hip Berlin neighbourhood Prenzlauer Berg.

Sometimes only time will tell ;-)




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