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From today on "the party's over"! At 7:00 am the first members of the EvaCom, that's what we fondly call the evaluation commission, land at Munich airport. As attentive hosts we personally welcome each member of the commission as they arrive from all over the world. Surly I will never again get lost at the airport in Munich since I now know even the most hidden gates. An enthusiastic class of a Munich school is helping us the whole day. On the picture you can see Max & Irina in their proper Bavarian outfits :-)

Tomorrow there will be a preparation day for the commission and from Tuesday on the commission will review our application thoroughly. Exciting and laborious times lay ahed of our team. After months of meticulous preparations our concept is now examined intensively. Of course we are nervous but we are also proud and very happy to finally be able to present our, we believe, very successful application to the evaluation commission. 

Copyright Katarina Witt