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The 23rd Sponsor Award of the professional association for sponsoring agencies and service providers (FASPO) held its aware ceremony at the Springer-House in Berlin. Dr. Michael Ilgner, CEO of the Deutsche Sporthilfe (German Sports Aid), was admitted into the "Hall of Fame of sponsorship". It was his personal wish that I would hold the laudation and I gladly agreed.

Dr. Michael Ilgner is one of the people who help young athletes in Germany. Together with his team he has played a significant part in the support of athletes. His passionate commitment to the athletes deserves recognition and great respect. The German Sports Aid is the main force for any active athlete, before and after the laurels.

Michael knows how much I love sports and that's why I simply could not ignore addressing the recent events and disappointments during my speech. Sports are a great role model but unfortunately at the moment its virtues of team spirit and fair play are too often neglected. Honest athletes are defeated by doping and corruption. The confidence of countless loyal and enthusiastic sports fans is betrayed irresponsibly. This breaks my heart, makes me upset and angry. I wish for more honesty, fairness and solidarity in sports but also in our society.

With this in mind, I am optimistic about the future and hope that the enthusiasm for the European Football Championships in France and the Summer Olympics in Rio will unite the world of sports and the good guys will be the best at the end.




photo 1: During my laudation

photo 2: Together with the proud and merited award winner Dr. Michael Ilgner

photo 3: Together with award winner Dr. Michael Ilgner and FASPO president Oliver Kaiser

photo 4: Commissary of the Board of the German Sports Aid Hans-Joachim Elz (far left) is also very proud of Michael

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