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After what feels like thousands of hours in assembly and congress halls I finally get the chance to get some fresh spring air today :-)

I am enjoying the beautiful sunshine at the Olympic Park in Munich where only a couple of months ago the snowflakes danced around during the Women's Ski Alpine World Cup. The Olympic Park was built for the Olympic Summer Games 1972 and now people are gathering here for more than 10.000 cultural and sport events, all together more than 500 Million people over the last 40 years. Hello? That's what I call sustainability and a perfect example for how to live the legacy of the Olympic Games every day.

And I think this has to be mentioned as well: Munich is a world class destination with the finest hotels, shopping and nightlife. With its many outstanding theaters and museums it is a paradise for culture lovers and there are so many superb restaurants which will make it difficult to choose from during the Games.

In order to capture and communicate all of this during our presentations for our bid we are now shooting scenes for a movie in the Olympic Park and in the city of Munich and hopefully you will be able to see the result soon :-) 

Copyright Katarina Witt