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Goldene Sportpyramide 2010



The "Goldene Sportpyramide" is the most valuable sports award ceremony in Germany and takes place for the 10th time today. Previous laureates were Max Schmeling, Franz Beckenbauer or Steffi Graf among others. Today I will be honored with this award and naturally I am extremely happy about it. The ceremony is held in front of 300 guests. Together with the award i also will be inducted in the "Hall of Fame of the German Sports". And this is especially important since we are only 5 women there at the moment.

The "Goldene Sportpyramide" is awarded by the Deutsche Sporthilfe for the lifework of German athletes but also for their social engagement. The prize-money of 25.000 Euro was endowed by the Metzler family and traditionally will be donated to the German sports aid. In my case it was my wish to support talents in disabled sport.

I must say that this evening is a very special event. There is only one award winner and so the whole evening is about the sport and the laureate. I receive the award from Prof. Jürgen Hubbert, who is closely affiliated with sports for his whole life, and Werner E. Klatten, chairman of the board of the Stiftung Deutsche Sporthilfe (Germand Sports Aid Foundation). The ecomium is held by prime minister of Brandenburg Matthias Platzeck. During his enthusing and passionate speech i learn that he was a Fan for a long time. He even came to watch my last world championship 1988 in Budapest. My parents and my long term manager Elisabeth Gottmann share this wonderful evening with me, the interesting meetings, the never ending hand shaking and congratulations and all together we are very proud.  


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