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For 2 full golf tournament days and 2 memorable evenings the members of the EAGLES Club as well as sponsors and guests meet at the Robinson Club "Quintina da Ria". To play golf and support people in need at the same time - this is how it all started with the EAGLES Club in 1993. This year I take part for the very first time and hopefully I will come back again many more times.

At the tournament legendary athletes such as Franz Beckenbauer (photo), Rosi Mittermaier, Christian Neureuther, Lars Riedel or Mika Häkkinen share the golf course with artists such as DJ Ötzi, Katja Ebstein, Otto Walkes, Anna Maria Kaufmann, Elmar Wepper (photo) or Andie McDowell (photo) and of course with well-to-do guests with whose generous donations the unbelievable sum of nearly 500.000 Euro is raised within the 2 days.

On the 1st day I bravely golf the 18 holes and end up on rank 108. Later at the reception I try to gracefully hide the pain of the blisters on my feet or in my muscles ;-) Unfortunately I have to pass on the 2nd day but I enjoy the gala evening even more. It is a great mix of music entertainment, a suspenseful auction and many emotional moments which make the evening go by in a blink. For the whole 2 days I have the feeling that I am surrounded by people who have made it a matter close to their hearts to share their fortune. 100.000 Euro of the donated sum go equally to the Franz Beckenbauer Foundation and the Katarina Witt Foundation.


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