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IBM Smarter Workforce Conference in Frankfurt


It has become increasingly important for businesses to assign their skilled employees to work in jobs in which they can develop their individual strengths optimally. "Find your strengths and find your interests": these are the challenges that will determine in the future who is really successful in his job.

I was lucky enough to discover at a very early age how fun sports can be and subsequently let it unfold as a passion. I am frequently asked by business companies to lead talks about my personal experience on the road to success, a path on which we must never lose sight of the goal despite the setbacks we face along the way.

Today I had the opportunity to share some of the experiences of my sporting career with the inquisitive and interested participants of the IBM Smarter Workforce Conference in an interview with Daniel Weiss, a former figure skater who has been a successful sports presenter for the ARD for many years. I hopefully also succeeded in conducing the executive managers to promote further the talents of their employees and yes, even to demand it.




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