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Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom


This week the movie "MANDELA: Long Walk to Freedom" premiered in German cinemas. I was fortunate to be invited to the German premiere in Berlin. I was also honoured to meet leading actor Idris Elba and Nelson Mandela's daughter Zindzi at a charity event in favour of the Nelson Mandela Foundation. Katie Melua sang live on stage and it was a terrific moment.

"MANDELA" is an amazing and moving biopic that touched me deeply. More than once I had to dig out my hanky. Idris Elba plays the former South African leader in a beautiful and powerful performance. Director Justin Chadwick manages to draw us up close into the life of Nelson Mandela with superb pictures and story telling about a man who like no other fought for the freedom in his country shaking up the whole world.

I was very honoured to have met Nelson Mandela a while ago and only recently visiting South Africa I could still sense his great spirit everywhere. Congratulations to producer Anant Singh for his unswerving patience making this project come to life and also to Helge Sasse from Senator, who brought the movie to Germany!

It would be great to show this emotional film and also other important and relevant biopics at schools. The visual power of such great works is often so much stronger than dry facts from history books.

Photo: Together with Zindzi Mandela at the charity event in favor of the Nelson Mandela Foundation (photo by Sven Darmer/Agentur Davids)


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