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Today, 3 months after the decision in Durban, DOSB President Dr. Thomas Bach and the Lord Mayor of Munich Christian Ude invites the major part of our Munich 2018 team to a farewell party in the old town hall.

On this occasion Paralympic star Verena Bentele and i are awarded with the medal "München leuchtet" (Munich shines) in gold by Christian Ude. Verena was an incredibly engaged comrade. Already during her active career as an athlete I admired her a lot and during our intensive work for Munich 2018 I grew very fond of her. I will never forget her tears of disappointment after the decision in Durban. And therefore we are even more proud today to be able to receive this award.

Dr. Thomas Bach and Christian Ude thank again the whole team for their passionate work and wearing the proper Dirndl outfits we celebrate the bitter sweet memories of the last 2 years. We are all convinced that one day Munich will be an excellent host for the Olympic Winter Games. When? Hopefully at a time when I will still be able to play an active part in this endeavor ;-)

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