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My Journey into the past - Berlin


With the filming in Berlin for the ARD documentation the journey in my athletic past came to an end. I used to live in Berlin when the Wall fell in 1989 and Germany was reunited one year later. And today I live here again and enjoy when friends come to visit and admire my cool home town :-)

For the documentary I visit the Brandenburg Gate, the Tiergarten at Potsdamer Platz - the place where I used to live for many years - and the Berlin Cathedral. I meet my team of advisors, "old" acquaintances and am very proud that I was able to persuade my parents to interview them just for once in front of a camera.

I hope that my fans will enjoy the documentary "Katarina Witt - a journey to myself", which will be aired on Good Friday, March 25th 2016, at 19.00 on ARD, and say goodbye for now returning back to the present :-)

photo 1: In front of the Brandenburg Gate with our camera genius Sebastian Uthoff

photo 2: In front of the Berlin Cathedral, where I went to work every day for 14 days  in 2009, when I played the role of the Paramour in "Everyman"

photo 3: In my office I face the last questions of my unyielding ;-) director and author Beate Bossdorf

photo 4: Our team in Berlin: the amazing camera team with Pauline Bossdorf, Sebastian Uthoff and Henning Krämer; the persistent and loving director and author Beate Bossdorf, associate director Janina Bouchée, who we miss every day; my long term make up artist Kerstin Hoffmann

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