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My Journey into the past - Sarajevo


As I celebrate a milestone birthday at the end of this year, I will increasingly reminisce in the next few weeks and months about interesting encounters I had during my career. For an ARD documentary about my life, I am travelling to some places that are connected with my sporting achievements and I am very much looking forward to delving into these past experiences with my "old" companions.

The very first stop is Sarajevo. Sarajevo is the city where I won my first Olympic gold medal in 1984 and where I experienced unforgettable moments as a young athlete. Sadly the city later went through a cruel civil war.

During my visit for the shooting of the documentary, I spend two highly emotional days together with Rudi Cerne and Eldina Jasarevic. In 1984 Rudi was part of the West German team and ranked an ungrateful 4th place. We, of course, share memories about the competitions and about the difference between our two German countries. Eldina, a witness of history, recounts her experiences as a volunteer. She captivates me with her courage and cheerfulness despite of all the sad events she encountered as a young woman.

photo 1: We all remember Vucko screaming "Sarajevoooooooo" and therefore this coffee mug has to travel back to Berlin with me ;-)

photo 2: Here with my "old" companion Rudi Cerne, today a successful and popular ZDF moderator as well as an exciting interlocutor.

photo 3: A very large cemetery stretches behind the Olympic Zetra Ice Rink. A reminder of how many people lost their lives during the war in the 1990s.

photo 4: This hill offers a beautiful view over Sarajevo. Sadly, however, a lot of suffering was brought to the city from these heights during the war. Therefore one can not enjoy the sight without great thoughtfulness.

photo 5: In 1984 Eldina was a young volunteer at the ice rink. For my documentary, this open-minded and courageous witness of history shares her point of view about that time.

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