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My Journey Through The Past - Chemnitz


For the documentary, which will be broadcasted by the ARD next year, I visited my old hometown Chemnitz - formerly known as Karl-Marx-Stadt - and unfortunately this time the sky was crying. The encounter with my former strict but nevertheless wonderful coach Mrs. Müller (photo 1) was of course not sad, but simply moving and touching. And I think that a little sentimentality is allowed when returning to the place where I spent my entire childhood and youth, the training grounds from which I know almost every pebble. Driving through the city and witnessing how much it has changed and embellished and yet breathing memories still at every corner is a great feeling. Without a doubt we all whitewash our past romantically to some degree, but I wouldn't want to miss a single second of it!

photo 2: During the interview with my former coach Mrs. Müller, I try to get her to reveal some secrets. And I listen very carefully.

photo 3: With Ingo Steuer, very successful pair skater and even more successful coach, I speak about figure skating and our past in the former GDR. We meet at the Chemnitz landmark - the Karl Marx statue.

photo 4: Compulsory team selfie shot in front of the Chemnitz town hall.

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