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My journey through the past - New York


For my ARD documentary our team flies to New York and the New Year starts with a big bang right away. I have the privilege to meet the great and charismatic Robert De Niro . I'm so grateful that he took the time to meet me in his screening room in Tribeca. There we watched the 2 seconds ;-) we had together in "Ronin" and even had time for a little chat. Honestly, I was so much in awe that I almost lapsed into my cinema chair.

photo 1: Before I met Robert De Niro I of course watched "Joy" in the cinema in Berlin and "The Intern" on my flight to New York. And then I met Robert in person and with full beard, most likely already preparing for his next role.

photo 2: Our whole team was very nervous but even more excited to meet Robert De Niro

photo 3: Of course I brought a present for Bob, a copy of my new book "So much life", which also contains some of my memories during the shooting of "Ronin"

photo 4: For the very first time I am standing on the Brooklyn Bridge and I am impressed by this incredible backdrop

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