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What a trip! 4 days ago I was supposed to start my journey to Nouméa. But I only made it to Frankfurt. A nasty stomach virus put me out of action. Fortunately on the next day I was able to travel again and I flew from Frankfurt to Nouméa via Hong Kong and Sidney.

In Hong Kong I use the 12 hour lay over for a little sightseeing tour on one of those double decker buses. The first and last time I had been in Hong Kong was in 1985 during the traditional ISU skating tour after the World Championships in Tokyo. "Wham" was very popular back then and also on tour in Hong Kong. Of course all of us ice princesses were huge fans of the band and crazy about them.

After flying over 20.000 km we finally reach the other end of the world on Friday evening March 25th. The Oceania National Olympic Committees (ONOC) General Assembly is taking place here in Nouméa. In the heat of New Caledonia each of the 3 applicant cities get the opportunity to present their bid for the 2018 Winter Games.  Despite the ferociously burning sun outside, we try to induce a winter wonderland atmosphere with the help of videos and speeches. I think we would have been even more impressing if we had brought along a snow canon :-)

On Sunday, after 2 days in Nouméa, we start our trip back home via South Korea and Frankfurt. 40.000 km in the air within 5 days, 2 days on land and a 15 minute presentation… we really leave nothing undone to reach our goal :-)




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