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When a new school for the physically disabled was inaugurated in Chemnitz more than a year ago, the Katarina Witt Foundation has been able to acquire and provide the children with a wheelchair swing for the outside playground. And today at the Open Day of the Terra Nova Campus, I could witness how much dedication and love the entire school team, its teaching and nursing staff as well as the parents devote to the children and young people.

I got an insightful tour through the various areas of the school and had interesting encounters and conversations with many of the children. I did of course not come empty handed and brought a little surprise along. I was delighted to announce that thanks to the cooperation between the Katarina Witt Foundation and the German Postcode lottery, we will be able to finance the construction of a covered parking for buggies, scooters and toys. I am very much looking forward to further supporting this wonderful and important establishment through my foundation. This school and education center is a great project that deserves upmost attention and support.




photo 1: The special feature of the wheelchair swing is that the children can drive their wheelchair in the swing themselves and set it in motion without any help, therefore giving them more independence. A very important aspect for these children and adolescents.

photo 2: Patrick Siebe has been a great fan of the wheelchair swing since it was installed and has been able to use it very extensively as a student last year. Today he came as a visitor to showcase it to me. By the way, he is a great charmer with a lot of wit, which he has in common with his twin brother and his great parents!

photo 3: The incredibly dedicated school headmasters Mrs. Görlitz and Dr. Moser, showed me the entire campus area.

photo 4: Of course, I happily answered the questions of students and was full of admiration for their courage and perseverance.

photo 5: Sport activities are very, very important for these children and young people and that's exactly why they have a truly excellent sports hall and much support from other athletes of the city!

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