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Signing the Golden Book - Lausanne


Today I am happily nervous. Our Munich 2018 team has travelled to Lausanne for the big and important technical presentation in front of the IOC members. The Olympic Museum uses the opportunity to honor me with the signing of the Golden Book. This is a very special moment for me.

During a tour through the museum I get to see again the Carmen costume which I was wearing winning the Olympic Gold Medal for the second time. I donated the costume on the occasion of the opening of the Olympic Museum in 1993 after the then IOC President and huge figure skating fan Antonio Samaranch asked me personally. Of course I couldn't deny him this wish :-)

To see the costume right in front of me and touch it brings back all the memories of the competition in Calgary in a flash: the unique and tense atmosphere in the arena, the rivalry with Debi Thomas and Elizabeth Manley, the seconds at the end of my program, when I remained laying on the ice, the moment my coach Frau Müller hugged me, the marks, the suspense up to the last skater, the victory ceremony and the enthusiastic welcome back home. I cannot believe that this was already 23 years ago...



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