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Sylt-Tegernsee - Walking does good


"Charity Walk" for the Katarina-Witt-Stiftung, May 2010

Dear friends,

Today I would like to ask for your support. Two women from Bavaria had a wonderful idea: they want to combine their favorite sport, Nordic walking, with a fund raising for my foundation the Katarina-Witt-Stiftung. From May 3rd to May 30th personal trainer Anja Blancke and banker Regina Berger will walk 28 legs, 1000 km in total, from the island Sylt in the North Sea to the Tegernsee in the South of Germany. During this walk they will burn 200.000 kcals. Each leg and each of the burnt calories will be paid for by sponsors. The motto "Walken tut Gut(es)" ("walking does good") will be translated into action: all the raised money will go towards the foundation and will be used to support projects which allow mobility to physically incapacitated children.

Of course I was excited about this idea and I am amazed by the courage required to take on such a walk through Germany. I was also very touched that these two women chose to support my foundation and its goals. That is why I send Anja and Regina a very warm and hearty thank you and wish them great endurance for their endeavor. But I don't want to only cross my fingers from far away. I will also be actively supporting and, for a little while, joining Anja and Regina on May 4th in Hamburg during the official kick off. And, I will occasionally visit them during their one month journey. This means of course that May will be reserved for me to support Anja and Regina and follow their example.

I will update you regularly on the progress of the walk on this site. You can also follow Anja and Regina directly on the facebook group "Sylt-Tegernsee", at http:// www.sylt-tegernsee.de or even better directly on the way. If you live nearby you are invited to come and visit, join for a walk or just cheer on. "Gemeinsam mehr bewegen!" ("Together we can move things further!") is the motto of my foundation and hopefully we will welcome Anja and Regina as they happily and healthily cross the finish line at the Tegernsee on May 30th to celebrate together a successful fund raising. 








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