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The Advent Fest Of The 1000 Lights


I am looking forward to Christmas time and hope that all of us can enjoy the cozy and romantic mood. To start off the season I was invited by Florian Silbereisen (photo 1) to sing a little Christmas carol duet ("Weihnachtszeit" by Rolf Zuckowski) in his ARD prime time tv show. It was great fun to sing together with Florian and the children's choir but don't worry, I won't be starting a new carrier ;-) By the way, Florian is a very charming, relaxed and entertaining show host.

During the show Florian surprised me by inviting my long time coach Mrs. Müller (photo 2) and he was amused about my perplexed reaction. I was soooo happy to see Mrs. Müller again and I am sure that after a wobbly dress rehearsal it was her who brought me luck for the show.

I also got to know Marianne Sägebrecht (photo 3) who read a beautiful Christmas story. What an amazing and charismatic actress!!!


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