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The Art of Walking


Last November, in between my stage debut as "Amour" and the hosting of the "Bambi" award ceremony, I was invited to go to Australia. For many years it was my dream to visit Down Under but it was never meant to be. This time I spontaneously accepted the invitation to this adventure and escaped the dreadful Berlin November.

Many visitors to Australia have probably heard about the Great Ocean Drive along the coast of Victoria. Now Tourism Victoria introduces the Great Ocean Walk, 104 kilometers of rugged dramatic and constantly changing coastline. For the documentary "The Art of Walking" John Francis, The "Planetwalker", Michael Milton, Australian Paralympian and first Australian Gold Medalist at Paralympic Winter Games, and I conquer different legs of this journey along Australia's most spectacular coastline. 

As we walk along blank canvas-like pristine white beaches, through forests of humbling 60 metre Mountain Ash trees and beneath giant, sculpted limestone pillars carved over centuries by crashing ocean surf, the simple act of walking is transformed into something far more powerful. And, for the first time I come across kangaroos in nature and I immediately fall in love with those cute Koalas.

Today the one hour documentary "The Art of Walking" will be introduced to the press at the oldest but very charming movie theatre "Arena" in Munich. On May 2nd this documentary was launched on the National Geographic Channel (Australia & New Zealand) and since was sold world wide. Unfortunately my trip to Australia lasts only for 3 days. Seeing those amazing pictures today makes me want to go back right away and I promise to myself that this will happen soon :-) 





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