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Value Award 2014


Today in Frankfurt am Main, handball idol Joachim Deckarm, the beach volleyball Olympic Champions Julius Brink and Jonas Reckermann as well as the legendary rowing coach Ralf Holtmeyer are receiving the "Value Award" from the "Stiftung Initiative Werte Stipendium". Since 2009 this prize is awarded by the German Sports Aid Association in cooperation with the Value Commission.

Joachim Deckarm stands for the value of "courage" in recognition of his strong will and combativeness in taking on the challenges of his life after his serious sports injury in 1979. Julius Brink and Jonas Reckermann displayed the value of "respect" with their engagement during the "Mundpropaganda" campaign of the magazine GQ against homophobia before the OIympic Winter Games in Sochi. Ralf Holtmeyer embodies the value of "sustainability" by leading generations of rowers to international success including the Germany Eight as German flagship and gold winners at the 1988 and 2012 Olympic Games.

During the award ceremony Götz Werner and I had the opportunity to discuss and exchange our thoughts about values in sports and business in an open public talk. As a member of the "Hall of Fame of German Sports", I have been supporting the Sports Aid Foundation for many years. Götz Werner is founder and board member of the drugstore chain "dm" and member of the "Hall of Fame of the German Economy". Through our own foundations, we have been engaged in a great amount of charitable work and social policy.


Photo 1: Holger Follmann, Götz Werner, Katarina Witt, Sven Korndörfer, Michael Ilgner (from left to right; photo: Torsten Kaersch)

Photo 2: Panel discussion with Götz Werner und host Corinna Wohlfeil (photo: Torsten Kaersch)

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