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Verdi's "A Masked Ball" Open Air in Szeged - Hungary


One of my highlights of this Summer. The somewhat unusual request to play the queen of the ball in Verdi's opera "A Masked Ball" for the opening production of the Szeged Open-Air Festival, in the midst of ice skaters on plastic ice appealed to me. It goes without saying that the spectacular outdoor performance (blessed by a full moon!), the fantastic modern stage design by Ildiko Tihanyi and the gorgeous ball gown created by internationally acclaimed designer Tamas Naray turned out to be indeed something very special! Unfortunately, I suffered a substantial back injury during the preparations and therefore I was only able to majestically wave my hand and nod in my role as Queen of the Ball.

A visit of this annual open-air festival in Szeged - only one hour south of Budapest- is well worth it. The festival is simply outstanding!





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