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We Own It Summit


"We Own It Summit" is a forum of leaders committed to advancing women in high-growth businesses. It establishes clear goals to increase the number of women investors and women entrepreneurs, the growth of women-led businesses and to place more women on public and private boards of directors. Ernst & Young is one of the major sponsors of this Summit.

The fifth edition of the summit hosted this year in Philadelphia, PA, gathers a myriad of awe-inspiring keynote speakers and thought leaders among whom i have the privilege to have been invited. In a joint interview, the 2x Olympic gold swimmer Donna de Varona and I exchange our thoughts on what the world´s most accomplished athletes share with great entrepreneurs. Beside her amazing achievement as an athlete, Donna was also a consultant of the US Senate, working on promoting and safeguarding the Title IX of the Equal Education Amendments Act which prohibits sex discrimination under any education program, makes sure that girls and women receive equal resources and treatment in the classroom and forges the way for the establishment of women's athletic programs.

We also follow with great interest the public conversation between Beth Brooke, Global Vice Chair of Public Policy at Ernst & Young and Lisa Schiffman, Americas Director, Marketing and Communications, Strategic Growth Markets at Ernst & Young. Both women hold powerful highranking leadership positions and are a great inspiration and motivation for the subsequent generations through their resilient fight for the equality of women.

Attached you'll find more info and a link to a video with the highlights from the 2014 Summit as an inspiration for all women (and of course all men as well ;-)






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