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I probably share the fate of many women and men: I am often tempted by rich food that tastes far too good. Therefore I have been in recent years falling slowly but steadily in the clutches of the pound-monster. Luckily, it was hardly noticeable to the common eye except for the eagle one of Weight Watchers. When they first approached me, I of course was "not amused" but after a little reflection I thought: "Why not giving it a go? If not now, then when?" It required a lot of work: weight down in the spring, then yo-yoing for a while and finally loosing the extra pounds for good. Now I'm glad that I got my act together. Well, the Christmas goose, the Stollen and the cosy time over the holidays have put some more strain but I am willingly and diiligentely back on carrots, sports and the point counting system.

It really works and if you also intend to have a healthier lifestyle in 2013, please motivate yourself and check it out :-)

But let´s not fool ourselves: nothing comes from nothing!!! Discipline and effort are required, but the result is definitely worth it.

With all my best wishes for success,



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