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The Katarina Witt Foundation is existing for 6 years now. Today we co-host our very first charity gala in the Europa-Park in Rust.

But before we welcome our guests I visit the courages girls and boys on the children cancer ward in the university clinic in Freiburg. This is a matter close to my heart. Already a year ago the Katarina Witt Foundation supported the financing of a special training machine ("Armeo Springs") for the children cancer ward with 75.000 Euro. With the machine it is a little easier and also more effective to strengthen the children who are weakened by the cancer treatment. And with every little successful step the young patients gain more motivation and courage in their daily struggle for recovery. Directly adjacent to the hospital is the so called parents house where parents and relatives of the patients can stay to be close to their loved ones to console and support them. With today's charity gala we would like to help raising some of the finances necessary to secure the continuation of the parents house.

For the charity gala the Katarina Witt Foundation together with Werner Kimmig, chairman of the "Förderverein fur krebskranke Kinder" (association to support children with cancer) and the Mack family welcome numerous guest in a festive atmosphere. My very good friend Cherno Jobatey and i are hosting the event. It is a good mix of superb acrobatics, great music acts, fun entertainment and also emotional and moving moments which remind us of the reason why we have organized this event. In the course of the evening our generous guests donate a princely sum of 100.000 Euro for the Katarina Witt Foundation as well as the "Förderverein für krebskranke Kinder". This money will help to secure the finances for the continuation of the parents house at the university clinic in Freiburg.


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