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Racy Bobsled Mission in Königssee


Today I attend the luge World Cup in Königssee, one of the locations of our Olympic bid. With a smile but also a little skeptical I am rushing down the ice track on board of the Munich 2018 bobsled. It is cozy and tight...More »

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A Winter Fest with Ski World Cup Slalom in Munich


The 2nd day of the new year starts right away with a world-class winter sports highlight. A FIS World Cup parallel slalom in the middle of a city. More than 25 000 spectators come to see the elite of alpine skiing in the Munich...More »

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Happy New Year


Dear Friends, I hope you had a good start into the new year, have had a nice party with friends or family and experienced crazy and colorful fireworks :-) I wish you a happy new year from the bottom of my heart. May...More »

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Merry Christmas


Dear website friends, I would like to wish you a wonderful holiday season and a Merry Christmas! May lots of presents be under the tree and may you have a peaceful and fun time among your family and friends. Yours, KatarinaMore »

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A Heart for Children


For over 30 years now the charity event 'EIN HERZ FÃœR KINDER' (A HEART FOR CHILDREN) has been taking place every year at the Springer building in Berlin. And for many years I have been supporting this...More »

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Official Reception of Federal President Christian Wulff


Representatives of the German Olympic Sports Federation (DOSB) meet today in Berlin in the Bellevue Castle, the residence of Federal President Christian Wulff, to present the concept of the Munich Bid. DOSB-President Dr. Thomas...More »

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From today on Munich 2018 is widely visible in Berlin. Lord Mayor Klaus Wowereit and I hoisted a 9 x 10 m Munich 2018 banner at the Ferris wheel of the Christmas market in front of the town hall. "Berlin's support for...More »

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Asian Beach Games in Muscat / Oman


Please don't get envious looking at the photo. I know that back home in Germany Winter is "raging" and here it is beach time! At the moment the 2. Asian Beach Games are taking place here in Oman and it is exactly like...More »

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7th IOC World Conference on Sport, Education and Culture


On board the Airbus 380 we fly overnight to Durban via Johannesburg and I have to admit that the new Airbus is indeed an impressing bird (although I sleep through most of the flight). In Durban the 7th IOC World Conference on...More »

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My Birthday in Munich


Birthday does not always mean just party. Today for me it means to get up at 5 AM. A first sleepy 'facebook-check' surprises me with a lovely birthday video made by friends, family and fans. Happily I then rush to the...More »

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