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Fully dedicated and despite the stormy vagaries of the weather I travel into the center of Finland to do lobbying for our Munich2018 bid at the 13th World Sport for All Congress in Jyväskylä, Finlands 7th biggest...More »

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Reception hosted by Chancellor Angela Merkel


Don't worry, i won't hold another press conference at the Cabinett Office. But since I have the opportunity to visit the place were all the important announcements are made  I simply cannot resist to sneak behind the desk...More »

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Round table discussion in Moscow


In my function as the Chair of the board of trustees for the Munich 2018 bid I am invited to Moscow to the forthcoming roundtable on IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) which is taking place at the Residence of the US...More »

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Charity Walk Finale


From Sylt to Tegernsee. From North to South. All the way through Germany. 1000 kilometers. 28 legs in 4 weeks. All on foot!!!! And 25.000 € were raised for the Katarina-Witt-Foundation. Dear Regina and dear Anja, Thank you...More »

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Charity Walk in Munich


This picture is taken at the welcoming reception after the walk in munich where I almost passed Anja and Regina without recognizing them. Until not long ago I only knew the both of them from the internet and with their sports...More »

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The Art of Walking


Last November, in between my stage debut as "Amour" and the hosting of the "Bambi" award ceremony, I was invited to go to Australia. For many years it was my dream to visit Down Under but it was never...More »

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Goldene Sportpyramide 2010


The "Goldene Sportpyramide" is the most valuable sports award ceremony in Germany and takes place for the 10th time today. Previous laureates were Max Schmeling, Franz Beckenbauer or Steffi Graf among others....More »

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On the road for Munich 2018


Today is the start of the 2010 Ice Hockey World Championship in Germany. The Organizers had the idea to hold the opening game USA-Germany in the Schalke soccer arena. This was a great idea! Not only did they manage to break the...More »

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Joining Regina and Anja on their Walk


Today in Hamburg I meet Regina and Anja to join them for a couple of meters on their 1000 kilometer walk from Sylt to Tegernsee. I wish them the best of luck and want to thank them again for their idea to donate all the proceeds...More »

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SportAccord in Dubai


SportAccord is an international convention of 1500 leading sports representatives. I am attending this convention in my role as chair of Munich's bid for the 2018 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. The annual convention is held...More »

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