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7th Classic Rally Hamburg - Berlin


During the Classic Rally 181 teams drive 740 kilometres spread over 6 legs over 3 days. This thrilling journey is spiced up with 22 special stages including some secret surprise trials, testing our abilities to anticipate, think...More »

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IBM Smarter Workforce Conference in Frankfurt


It has become increasingly important for businesses to assign their skilled employees to work in jobs in which they can develop their individual strengths optimally. "Find your strengths and find your interests":...More »

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J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge


Today and for the 3rd time now I fire the starting gun for the traditional J. P. Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge. This road footrace through downtown Frankfurt am Main is organised by J. P. Morgan with an intended focus on...More »

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Golden Sports Pyramide


In 2010 I had the honour to receive this prestigious award and I will never forget the ceremony surrounded by sports-loving friends, companions and family members as well as the flaming eulogy that the former Prime Minister of...More »

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We Own It Summit


"We Own It Summit" is a forum of leaders committed to advancing women in high-growth businesses. It establishes clear goals to increase the number of women investors and women entrepreneurs, the growth of women-led...More »

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Value Award 2014


Today in Frankfurt am Main, handball idol Joachim Deckarm, the beach volleyball Olympic Champions Julius Brink and Jonas Reckermann as well as the legendary rowing coach Ralf Holtmeyer are receiving the "Value Award"...More »

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OSV Sparkassen Award


The traditional OSV Sparkassen (Savings Bank) Award is taking place today at the Congress Hotel in Potsdam. It is a great opportunity to bring together the most hard-working employees and reward them for their excellence and...More »

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Challenges in Sports and Economy


Although The Olympic Winter Games in Sochi are over, I am still full of wonderful impressions from the time I spent there. I have the opportunity to dwell on some of these experiences but also and most importantly on my career as...More »

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Dasvidaniya Sotchi


Today I bid farewell to the Black Sea in Russia and to the XXII. Olympic Winter Games in Sochi. It was certainly one of the most enjoyable games I have ever experienced. The hospitality of the Russians was both overwhelming and...More »

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Let the Games Begin


The Olympic Games in Sotchi are now officially opened, the Olympic Flame is blazing over the Coastal Cluster. I am looking forward to suspenseful competitions, excited fans and of course lots of medals for our team.More »

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