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Valuable Health Tips from the most Successful Figure Skater of all Time

Time and again, I am asked how I manage to stay fit despite my busy schedule. I gladly share all my little secrets with everyone, and have, along with Oliver Schmidtlein, put my experiences together in this book. Oliver supported me for years as my personal trainer and physiotherapist and spent many years travelling the world with me on tours and professional competitions. Thanks to his professional help and friendship, my unusually long athletic career was also almost without injuries. During our work together, we tried new methods and techniques of fitness therapy. In the World Championship year 2006, Oliver was not only the physiotherapist for FC Bayern, but also the fitness trainer for Jürgen Klinsmann's team, meanwhile running his own practice in Munich. Ulrich Pramann, who put everything into the right words, made our team complete. All of the exercises are meant to be followed. Many beautiful images by Frank Schott, which were taken in Los Angeles, are included in the book for this purpose.  

Valuable Fitness Tips - Healthy and Feeling Great 

Are you familiar with this? Being completely present, alert, full of energy and endurance. Simply not getting tired and feeling indestructible. Feeling like nobody can touch you, and everyone should get out of your way. Being convinced that you can take on anything, because you feel so strong. That is a great feeling - when you feel fit.

You are most likely familiar with this lousy feeling as well: Quickly running out of breath, easily becoming agitated and stressed-out, having little resilience, and often being tired and unable to concentrate. Being unable to hide the nasty effects of the party the night before. Having little drive and being mostly dull and sluggish. No, you don't feel too cool when you aren't fit. It's a simple equation. Whoever wants to conquer the day needs energy. Whoever is fit manages the daily balancing act more easily and faces life with more certainty. Fitness is a firm foundation. Being fit means being active. Fitness has become a lifestyle, a synonym for health. Being fit doesn't simply refer to physical capabilities, but to mental ones as well. Being able to relax completely, sleep well, and effortlessly get rid of stress. Fitness is the basis for beauty, energy, vitality and fun. Fitness - to me it means lust for life.

Fitness Program - "Wellness" Program for Feeling Good and Being Happy 

In my book, "Healthy and Fit with Kati Witt", which is full of pictures and hopefully motivating for the reader, I give my own special and personal fitness tips for a healthier and happier life. The book includes numerous illustrations and individually tailored and specific exercises for the entire body with which one can bring one's fitness to a whole new level. With a two-week power plan, fitness tips, informative charts, fitness programs as well as accounts of personal experiences, the book helps one to develop a training program for life. The goal of the fitness program is, besides just increasing levels of endurance and improving one's shape, to improve one's attitude towards life. Apart from health and physical fitness, well-being is also emphasized. In addition to the valuable fitness tips, I also give lots of practical advice on nutrition, relaxation, and well-being. Body and soul should be in harmony to increase satisfaction in life.

Of course I try to keep the reader in good spirits. With little episodes and personal experiences, not to mention a few tricks, I attempt with my fitness program for couch potatoes to eventually get even them out of a rut. This book is, incidentally, recommended by the German Association for Preventative Medicine. So please read it, and do at least some of the exercises....

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