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Katarina Witt's Books

Katarina Witt utilizes literature to give her fans and anyone else who is interested, the chance to take part in her life, adventures, and countless experiences, which she has been able to collect over the years. She gives us a glance into the world of figure skating as well as behind the scenes and offers useful tips and tricks for "couch potatoes".  

Text and Images of a One-of-a-Kind Figure Skating Career 

In her book “Only with Passion" Katarina Witt recalls her experiences, as a young athlete with the daily trials of being confronted with teen life, and still trying to stay true to her passion, ice skating. It tells of her successes as well as her failures during the course of her athletic life, of her first broken heart, and of the continuous battle to maintain discipline, endurance and the right motivation for top performance during competition. In this way, “Only with Passion" captures the balancing act, which perhaps every young athlete or artist in this phase of growing up, has to do, be he or she a football player or a pianist.

“Only with Passion" was written together with E.M. Swift, and has only been published in English. It was released in the USA.
In 2002 a beautiful, large format photo book appeared, which, with around 150 images, provides us with a glimpse into Katarina's life, both publicly and behind the scenes. The pictures by Gosbert Gottmann capture the different facets of her life and personality very naturally in this photo documentation. It shows Katarina Witt at practice with her long-time trainer Jutta Müller, in private with friends, and impressions of show rehearsals and performances as a figure skater.
In 1993, Katarina Witt was accused by a public rights activist, of having betrayed her friends for the State Security Agency (Stasi). This lie and accusation gave Katarina Witt a reason to look into her files at the Federal Commission for State Security Documents of the GDR. With the realization, that over 3000 pages were written about her by the State Security agency, and that they had kept her in their sights since she was a seven-year-old figure skating pupil, she took the incentive to write her story herself. Open and bare-faced, Katarina Witt explains what it means to be a record athlete, to be observed at every turn, to be a celebrity, and the price she had to pay for it, in her biography, "My Years Between Compulsories and Freestyle".

Tips and Tricks from Katarina Witt 

Readers can learn practical and easily applicable tips in Katarina Witt's book, "Healthy and Fit with Kati Witt". In this motivating book full of pictures, she reveals her very special fitness tips for a healthier, happier, and more satisfying life. With informative charts, fitness programs and stories of her personal experiences, this book helps to develop better eating habits and training programs, and to get even the "couch potatoes" moving.  

  • 2005 Only With Passion

    Sarah McNally, an American friend of my best friend Uwe and lecturer for public affairs, convinced me to write a book about my life as a figure skater, and the role of the woman as athlete in sports.... » weiter

  • 2006 Healthy and Fit

    Time and again, I am asked how I manage to stay fit despite my busy schedule. I gladly share all my little secrets with everyone, and have, along with Oliver Schmidtlein, put my experiences together... » weiter

  • 2002 Photo book

    The exclu­sive photo book "Kata­ri­na Witt" with my own short captions, in­cludes around 150 different pho­tos.  » weiter

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