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Figure Skating made Sexy and Entertaining in Sports and Competition

I looked a bit enviously across the big pond towards America, where the television industry was trying to "playfully" attract fans to the sport of figure skating. Pro7 bought the rights there and asked me to moderate for them. I watched one program and knew right away: we can do this better. Above all, our show will be livelier and more exciting through live broadcasting. 

Katarina Witt as Producer and TV-Moderator 

As I had had almost 20 years of professional experience as a figure skater and producer, and didn't care to be a so-called "guest in my own living room" and I came to an agreement with Pro7, that my cooperative production company WithWitt Sports & Entertainment GmbH would produce this show ourselves, and found an outstanding partner in "Werner Kimmig TV". A completely new show was created, which doesn't have much in common with the original.   

"Stars on Ice- by and with Katarina Witt" 

The biggest challenge for me personally was not to look at this wonderful sport simply from the perspective of a competitive athlete, with the seriousness in which we have all dedicated ourselves to it for years, in order to be a show-off. Joyfully, I rediscovered figure skating. Of course, it normally takes years to make any remarkable progress. Even I am therefore astounded, that with entertaining choreography, a variety of themes and music plus sexy costumes, we can continuously surprise the audience. Our celebrities' fervor never fails to amaze even the professional skaters and me. In a very short time, the musicians, actors and moderators become entertaining ice skating colleagues. As Katarina, I stand by as a mentor for the celebrities. As TV moderator for this series, I "sweat it out" with "my couples" in every live broadcast, and as hostess, I get excited over every bit of the celebrities' progress. And, of course, as a full-blooded figure skater, I feel every bruise that that entails.
It is the ideal stage, because figure skating includes glamour, sex appeal , sweat and tears, but also fun, humor, passion, love and intrigue. If even one of these things is missing, it gets boring.
We had lots of everything!
Ohhh, I could tell some stories! 

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